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If you have any OTHER questions not answered here, please feel free to send an e-mail to!  As always, CFIT works for you and strives to make getting fit and healthy an affordable priority!

Q: Can I prorate my package if I go away?
Unfortunately, no. This usually applies more for the unlimited package than the 8cl/month. With the 8 class package, you can take 8 classes in 1 week if you choose to, so if you know you are going away, just let us know and double up on some classes!
With the unlimited package, we can not prorate because CFIT is already only $8 a class! If you have the unlimited package, the price only goes down from there. If you take 4 or more classes a week you are already getting your classes down to under $5! You can't beat that! If you go away for a week or so and still take 4 or more classes during the rest of the month, you are still getting your classes for $6 or less.

Q:Can I freeze my package when I go away and pick up where I left off?
Again, just like we can not prorate our packages, we can not freeze packages. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. CFIT is a small, family owned business that works closely with each and everyone of you. If there is an emergency or unfortunate occurrence, we will certainly work something out! 

Q: If I buy an 8cl/month package, but sometimes attend a 3rd class here and there, can i just pay for a single class? 
Absolutely! If you do not attend 3 or more classes on a regular basis, I would not recommend the unlimited package. I encourage you to get the 8 class a month package and if you choose to get a 3rd class in, just pay it singly. If you are noticing that you do that consistently, then go for the unlimited package the following month!

Q: What is the policy on small class attendance cancellations? 
CFIT policy is that we can not teach a class for 3 people or less. On some occasions, if there are only 3, we will do a 40 minute class, otherwise, unfortunately, it must be cancelled for that day. It his not something that happens often and we certainly do not like to do that. Next time you come to class, bring a friend! 

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